A poem for my birthday

Ode to 29 years
Who imagines butterflies blossoming from laughter
Who appreciates inner children holding the key to our hearts
Who trusts sunshine is a hug from God
Who embraces fear
Who loves deeply

Ode to 29 years
Who values integrity
Who believes humans can access the unknown
Who feels friendships are tangible soul families
Who understands that perfection is fiction
Who makes karma look easy

Ode to 29 years
Who honors sharing my birthday
Who is forever grateful for family
Who is sensitive with a bit of serenity
Who chases silver linings
Who is passionately creative

29 years
Thank you for your comfort when I wanted to expire

Victim and scapegoat
Yea, that’s me
I belittle serenity
I’m unworthy of intimacy

Inner Critic

Pumps iron
Reflection to the door
Smiles with a fire kiss
Play’s games
Manipulates core beliefs

Good days are for the weak.

should I be
Humble or Entitled?

There are no heroes in this story
Capes and captains are for the optimists
I’m acutely baffled with serenity
You’re forbidden to understand this nightmare
You are a gift from god
Your halo blazes my eyes
The reflection is rainbows and butterflies

The butterflies soar above my shadows

I don’t see light
I don’t see rainbows
I’m creative and useless

As I strut pavements
Bodies drift aslant
Negative space profiles
Piercing anxious eyes
Pulsate the seconds

I translate compassion with a smile
I trust my intentions are harmless
I would never scar a butterfly

Inner Critic’s immunity enhances
My degressive thoughts
I strive to surpass Inner Critic
Is that a self-centered want?

I enjoy Inner Critic’s company
We shield my fear of people
I abandon myself in the process
True Self is overthrown by ataxia

Inner Critic is intriguing
Reassures my stability
Ensures I’m terrified of solitude
Grants me formication

Intrusive thoughts are grounding
Fragility is euphoric
Akathisia breathes in my False Reality
Inner Critic is sovereignty

My light skinned tattoos drown in high waisted shorts
I’m fearless, ready to take over the world
I believe in my vision

I feel
Blue trees
Red oceans
Purple soil
Forest green sun
Pale hummingbirds
Jack-O-Lanterns in July
Secret Santa in March

My truth is my power.

I will
Disco on the moon with no suit
Eat salted algae from the plastic oceans
Catch a firefly with no lantern

I’m defeated, but not in disbelief
I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors;
Inner Critic will join me.

Chin to the sky
Skeptic smile
Wolf feeder
Soul Eater

I meditate to silence constant two questions
Why does Inner Critic thrive on pain?
Why do I enjoy chaos?

Inner Critic loves a power play
I’ll mirror the grin,
Muse graciously on a double take.

May the odds be forever in your corner.

Check it out- I’m a regular at Starbucks, it’s a bit unmanageable. Typically, when I wait for my iced coffee, the baristas, cashiers, and myself dive deep into boyfriends, future goals, and weekend plans. The image above is a little love tap…

You’re gunna be ok.

Have you ever resourced to harm reduction? If you’re not familiar with harm reduction, it can mean many things. Personally, nicotine, cutting, and coffee are my go-to’s. I refuse to relapse on drugs, so I e-vape at times. I cut when I romanticize suicide and I…

Danny Recht

Poet, Self-Awareness Theory | San Francisco State University Graduate | Dual Diagnosed Survivor | recht.danny1@gmail.com

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