Ode To 29 Years

Danny Recht
Nov 22, 2020


A poem for my birthday

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Ode to 29 years
Who imagines butterflies blossoming from laughter
Who appreciates inner children holding the key to our hearts
Who trusts sunshine is a hug from God
Who embraces fear
Who loves deeply

Ode to 29 years
Who values integrity
Who believes humans can access the unknown
Who feels friendships are tangible soul families
Who understands that perfection is fiction
Who makes karma look easy

Ode to 29 years
Who honors sharing my birthday
Who is forever grateful for family
Who is sensitive with a bit of serenity
Who chases silver linings
Who is passionately creative

29 years
Thank you for your comfort when I wanted to expire



Danny Recht

Poet, Self-Awareness Theory | San Francisco State University Graduate | Dual Diagnosed Survivor | recht.danny1@gmail.com