Serenity, Pick Me

Photo by Evaldas Daugintis on Unsplash

Inner Critic is a chaos junkie
Leaching wood ashes assure me
I’m unworthy of safety and stability

My soapbox is an anarchist
Lye is calculated with fear and paranoia
Caustic corrodes my sanity
Will I ever be good enough?
Inner Critic, discourse with me.

You orate my sanctuary
We tag-team the madness
But I must cross-examine my motives.
Do I want certain outcomes from you?
Are the outcomes authentic?
Can I tolerate not getting those outcomes?

I’m designed to inflate the push-pull
Mirrorless camera
Superglued eyes
Anxiety silent

I’ve sought out my intuition
To be forgiving and gentle
Inner Loving Parent senses
Serenity approaching